There are many different mortgage choices available in the market with numerous banks, credit unions and private credit providers, that’s why you need a mortgage broker. We sort through all the options available with banks and other lenders such as credit unions, private lenders and get the most suitable products, keeping in mind your individual requirements. We have a large panel of lenders and access to numerous loan products, giving you the opportunity to find a loan that suits you.

We are accredited Mortgage Brokers. We are also FBAA and Credit & Investment Ombudsman members. Best of all, Our Mortgage broker services are no cost to you*, so come and talk to us.

Home Loan

We Specialise for Home Loans in:

  • Owner Occupied Home.
  • First Home Buyer.
  • Investment Home.
  • Refinance to get better interest rates.
  • Refinance to get Equity in cash for investment or personal use.
  • Debt consolidation in one simple home loan.

Our Commitment to You:

  • We will advise you of the best loan products available in the market.
  • We will complete and submit application, documents and paperwork with your selected lender.
  • we will apply for first home owners grant for eligible buyers.
  • we wil get you pre-approval and final approval.
  • We will organise and liaise with lender for valuation.
  • We will liaise with your conveyancer until settlement is completed successfully.
  • We will stay with you throughout the life of the loan, helping you whenever the need arises.
  • we will also assist you in arranging loans for further purchases such as investment properties.
  • our services are of no cost* to you.

* Fees payable for speciality Loans and Alt Docs Loans

Alt/Low Doc Loan

Alt/Low doc home loans is for people-who are self employed and taxi drivers-who have difficulty getting documentation required to get traditional home loan.

  • Alt/Low Doc loans require quality alternative documents, however Alt/Low Doc lending has been changed dramatically recently hence a specialised broker is required.
  • Alt/Low Doc Home Loan Lenders requires that business has been registered for at least 12 months.
  • Alt/Low Doc home loan Lenders requires business has been GST registered for at least 6 months.
  • Alt/Low Doc home loans are various types, Some Alt Doc Home Loan lenders require a) Business Activity Statement b) Tax assessment.
  • Some Alt/Low Doc home loan lender would require a) Business bank statements.
  • Some Alt/Low Doc home loan lender would only work with Accountant Declaration Letter**.
  • Alt/Low Doc Borrowers are being limited to maximum of 60% to 70% loan of purchase price. But some lenders may consider 80% of purchase price.
  • Alt/Low Doc home loans interest rate depends on lender and risk involved.
  • Alt/Low Doc home loan are specialise deals and it attracts lender application fee and risk fee etc.
  • If sufficient and required documentations provided than usually able to borrow at mainstream low risk lending interest rates.
  • Any default registered in applicants file will require Speciality Home Loan criteria.
  • We have lenders in our panel who provide solutions Low doc home loans.

** Conditions Apply

Speciality Loan

Lenders (Especially Banks) check credit history of every applicant prior of deciding home loan application. Banks look at applicant's credit file and credit score each applicant to determine whether or not an applicant is a good credit or credit risk.
Most mainstream Banks have fairly stringent criteria when it comes to borrowers, but private lenders specialise in borrowers who sit outside bank's criteria and who are not accepted by banks.

Specialised loans allow applicants to secure finance even applicant has had some negative remarks on applicant's credit history.

  • Home loan refused by banks and Alt Doc Lenders come under Speciality Home Loans.
  • We have speciality home loan lenders who would go extra mile to get your business.
  • Alt/Low Doc home loans interest rate depends on lender and risk involved.
  • Alt/Low Doc home loan are specialise deals and it attracts lender application fee and risk fee etc.


Hear what people are saying about MORTGAGE BROKER NSW.

by Mr and Mrs Smith

I was not aware that a phone bill default has been registered in my name.Dinesh assisted us in communicating with Telco Company and got us specialised Home loan on best interest rate in the Market. Thanks Dinesh for your assistance and sincerity, you are the best.

Mr W Brown Bankstown NSW

I am a tradie and self employed, I did not have all required tax returns for first home, I was told to contact Mortgage Broker NSW, Thank God, I called them and now I own my home. Thanks

Mr Vella Greystanes NSW

My wife spent lots of money on our credit cards and left me with debts, I was troubled by debt agency for recovery. I was referred to Mortgage Broker NSW and I am glad that I called, my house was refinanced with cash out and I paid my debt. I can say please contact Mortgage Broker NSW for all your debt consolidation.

Mr Singh Blacktown NSW

I am a taxi driver. I work long hours and I did not get chance to complete my tax return on time but needed loan to buy house. I called Mortgage Broker NSW and asked for options to get home loan, I was explained and assisted in getting Alt/Low Doc home loan. Now I have a house and my family is loving it.

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